Weighing System Weighing System

Weighing System

Our high quality made-in-Japan scales with technology cultivated in tough environment in Steel works enable us to fulfil the needs and satisfy our customers.

Product List


Model / Product Name

Measurement Item
  • Force Measurement
  • Mass Measurement
Load Cells Load Cells
Load Cells for Hopper Scales DF
Crane Scales ATHW (Waterproof Small/ Medium)
ATHW (Large)
ATH (Small)
Custom model
Wireless Unit
Truck Scales KMT Pit Mounted Model
KMG On-ground Model
KD-710 Data Processor/Display
KD-600W・V Data Processor/Display
Belt Conveyor Scales KW-LU
Constant Feeders KC-V
Load detecting system on Vehicle
Overloading detection system
Force measurement Tension Meters
Torque Reaction Force measurement


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Constant FeedersForce Measurement| Load Cells

Crane Scales (Hanging scale)
Category Model
Waterproof Small/Medium
Crane Scales
Waterproof Small/Medium Crane Scales
ATHW serie
Small Crane Scale ATH series
Large Crane Scale Large Crane Scale
ATHW series
Relay Unit ATH-CU-1
Handheld display ATH-L01
Thermal printer CT-S280
Truck Scales
Category Model
Truck Scales
KMT model
KMT Series Pit Mounted Truck Scale
Truck Scale
KMG model
KMG Series On-ground Truck Scale
Data Processor/Display KD-710 / KD-600W・V
Hopper Scales
Category Model
Hopper Scales CB/CBA Load cells with Built-in Constrainer
DF/DF-KE Load cells with Built-in Constrainer
DFS/DFS-KE Load cells with Built-in Constrainer
Belt Conveyor Scales of load cells
Category Model
Belt Conveyor Scales KW-LU Series
Platform LU-40 / LU-120 / LU-240 / LU-450 / LUD-40 / LUD-120 / LUD-240 / LUD-450
Integrator ERM-500SL / ERM-500SP / ERM-400SL / ERM-400SP
Conveyor-type Fixed Quantity Feeder
Category Model
Constant Feeders KC-V series
Force measurement
Category Model
Load Cell Force measurement TM-H/TM-V Plate Type Load Cells
Torque Reaction Force measurement Flange Type Torque Reaction Force measurement
Plate Type Torque Reaction Force measurement
Load Cells
Category Model
Load cells with Built-in Constrainer CB/CBA / DF/DF-KE / DFS/DFS-KE / HR/HRA
Compression Type Load Cells HR/HRA / HRⅡ/HRAⅡ / ZR
Tensile Type Load Cells CT / ZT
Explosion proof Load Cells ZR-KE / DF/DF-KE / DFS/DFS-KE
Sheave Bearing Type Load Cells BH
Plate Type Load Cells TM-H/TM-V / SPL
Compact Compression Type Load Cells KM
Shaft Type Load Cells KS
KB Beam Type Load Cells KB