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This is a wired instrument that measures particle size distribution and the concentration of suspended particles automatically through image processing. Also, it is possible to measure particle size distribution of prepared slide sand samples. The instrument is compact and can be used in a variety of situations from field observations to laboratories. Still images are produced by emitting light pulses at the front of a CCD camera lens, which in turn, through continuous shooting, captures the particles while they are between the light source and the lens.
The measurements are made in an open-cell system, where a gap works as a flow path. However, adding a flow path connected to a pump it is also possible to use nearly as a flow cell.

*The particle counter software performs imaging processing and analysis, as well as imaging storage. However, a PC is required.



Model name IM-CA
Measuring particle range About 10µm to 5mm
Open cell range 1mm to 10mm
Image format Bitmap
  256 gray scale tones
Maximum number of images taken 9,999
Imaging speed 10 images/s
Particle size analysis speed Approx. 5 particles/s
Camera CCD size 1/3in
  Resolution 1,034× 779dpi
  Pixel size 4.65× 4.65µm
Optical system Optical magnification Approx. 0.5× (fixed magnification)
  Field of view H7.2× W9.6× D2.2 to 9.8mm
  Depth of field 9.8mm
Communication 1,000Base/T, RS-485


Light source Xenon flash lamp
Cable Outer diameter Φ10.3mm
  Maximum length 100m
  Cross-sectional strength 100kgf
Pressure resistance 20m depth equivalent
Dimensions Φ170× H520mm
Weight Approx. 11kg


Form IM-IF
Housing Waterproof plastic box
Connector Instrument, LAN, USB, power source
Power 100 to 240V AC

*All the specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for more information.

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