Warranty Warranty


Terms and Conditions at Ordering

If there is no particular description of the warranty in the quotation, contract, catalog, specification, etc. of our products, the warranty will be as follows.
Some of our products are limited in use and location, and require periodic inspection.
For more information, please contact us.

Warranty period and warranty coverage

Warranty period

  • 1. The warranty period for our products is one year after purchase.
    2. The warranty period may not apply, provided that the operating environment, conditions of use, or frequency of use affect the life of the product.
    3. The warranty period for the part repaired by our service department is 6 months after the repair is completed.

Warranty period

  1. If a failure occurs during the warranty period due to a fault on our part, we will replace or repair the failed part of the product free of charge.
    However, the following cases are excluded from the scope of this warranty.

    1. In the case of malfunctions caused by inappropriate conditions, environment, handling, or usage other than those described in the catalog, instruction manual or specifications.
    2. In the event that the cause of the failure is something other than our products.
    3. If the failure is caused by reasons other than our products, such as the design of the customer's equipment or software.
    4.For our products that can be programmed, in the case of a program other than our own or a failure caused by such a program
    5. In the case of a failure caused by modification or repair by someone other than the Company
    6. In the event that the consumable parts listed in the instruction manual or catalog have not been properly maintained or replaced.
    7. In the event that the problem is caused by a reason that cannot be foreseen by the science and technology that was in practical use at the time of purchase or delivery.
    8. In case of failure due to use other than the original usage of the product.
    9. Any other malfunctions caused by natural disasters or calamities that are not our responsibility.

  2. The scope of the warranty is limited to one year, and any damage induced by the failure of our products (damage or loss of your machinery or equipment, lost profits, etc.) is excluded from the warranty.

Inspection and Repair

At the request of the customer, our service department will perform inspection and repair of our products for a fee. In this case, the customer is responsible for paying the fees according to our regulations.

Exclusion of warranty liability for lost opportunities, etc.

Regardless of whether it is inside or outside of the free warranty period, our warranty does not cover damage caused by reasons that are not attributable to us, loss of opportunity for the customer due to the failure of our products, lost profits, damage caused by special circumstances regardless of whether we foresaw it or not, secondary damage, accident compensation, damage to other than our products, and compensation for the customer's other operations.