Machine Diagnosis Instrument (Vibrometer) Machine Diagnosis Instrument (Vibrometer)

Machine Diagnosis Instrument (Vibrometer)

Vibration Diagnoser

Vibration Diagnoser MK-220

Maintenance support tool with “Full automatic Diagnosis” MK-220 analyzes vibration occurring at rotating machines and supports maintenance work by function of automatic diagnosis.

Features :
1. Full automatic diagnosis
Even a beginner can operate by support of full diagnosis function.
2. Dual operation system
Both touch panel operation and sheet key operation are also acceptable.
3. Two way indication
Easy graph readings by vertical / horizontal switching indication.
4. Automatic detection of rotation speed
Usable for machines of variable rotating speed
5. High resolution FFT
Resolution of 0.00078Hz(min.) enabled high level diagnosis of defect causes



Vibrometer with Simple Diagnosis Function

Vibrometer with Simple Diagnosis Function MK-21

Easy-to-use handy vibrometer with diagnosis function MK-21 has three measurement modes such as acceleration, velocity and displacement.

Features :
1. Three measurement modes : acceleration, velocity and displacement
2. Incorporates diagnosis functions compliant with ISO 10816-1(JIS B 0906)
This unit automatically diagnoses the status of rotating machinery according to the vibration severity standard.
3. You can easily diagnose bearings according to the judgement criteria displayed on the back of the unit.
4. Incorporates a vibration pickup with a magnet to ensure stable measurement accuracy.
5. Carrying case made of hard-plastic is in standard configuration for easiness.

Vibration Monitor MK-64

Vibration Monitor MK-64

Vibration Monitor accurately detects equipment abnormalities. Higher visibility with new bar display

Features :
1. Bar display for higher visibility
Enables checking of the signal level instantly
2. Easy alarm setting with digital display
You can easily set any value in 1% units using the digital setting switch.
3. Level signal and alarm output functions
The vibration monitor is equipped with level signal (4 to 20mA DC) and alarm output (relay output).
4. Precise diagnosis available by connecting the portable diagnostic instrument
By connecting a MK-220 Vibration diagnoser or MK-210HEII Vibration Data Management System, precise diagnosis, frequency analysis, and report output are made available.
5. Power source voltages for global application
MK-64 supports power source voltages ranging from 85 to 264VAC for global application.