Condition Monitoring System Condition Monitoring System

Condition Monitoring System


The New World Classic - An Ever Evolving System -
We are proud of ”CMS series” and a large number of supply records.

1. Automatic Diagnosis of rotating machines
Full-automatic system which analyses cause of abnormality and outputs reports.
2. Advanced analysis functions
Enhancement of vibration analysis function(FFT) by frequency analysis, up to max.51,200 lines which stand for 16 times our former model. It enables to detect early signs of abnormality precisely.
3. Expanded local station
Combination of most suitable units is available as requested.
4. Reatime vibration monitoring
Super CMS-10000 saves real-time vibration data of equipment in operation, and supports cause analysis of troubles and quality control.
5. Data linkage function
Data communication is available between Super CMS-10000 and control equipment (DSC, PLC, etc.) through field network. Furthermore, it is easy to send CMS data and to import process signals.
6. Daisy chain function of vibration pickups
Vibration pickups can be wired with daisy chain system. Daisy chain wiring enables to reduce installation cost at site.

Compact Monitoring Unit 
CU-10000 CU-20000

Compact Monitoring Unit CU-10000

Easy installation, easy operation and low cost condition monitoring
Ideal for monitoring small-scale equipment, temporary installation and factories where equipment layout changes frequently, and similar situations

1. Selectable 16 or 48 vibration sensors input
As other input signals, two types signals can be input. One is analog signal(rotating speed, temperature and etc.), the other is contact signal (operation / suspension). Various operation conditions can be seized. (Analog signal and contact signal can be chosen from 8 points or 40 points.)
2. Monitoring and/or setting on PC browser
Standard supported browser: Microsoft® Internet Explorer® Ver.8 to 11, Microsoft® Edge
3. Vibration waveforms are automatically collected to analyze cause of machine abnormality when vibration data exceed the threshold.
4. The unit has alarm contact output function as the standard. (Connection cable is available as an option.)
Alarm notification is sent by e-mail when the unit and mail server are used in one combination.
5. Collected data can be output in CSV file.
Data can be imported to our product "Vibration Diagnoser MAINTE PRO MK-220" software. It easily makes precision diagnosis report.