Insulation Deterioration Detector Insulation Deterioration Detector

Insulation Deterioration Detector

Corona Discharge Viewer MK-760

Corona discharge viewer MK-760

Visualizable corona discharge! Quick detection over a wide range

1. MK-760 receives ultrasonic waves from corona discharge and detects leak points by beamforming technology.
2. MK-760 identifies unique ultrasonic frequency from all received frequencies of corona discharge.
3. View range : horizontal approx. 49° and vertical approx.27° for wide view
4. Easy to carry portable viewer
5. High speed mode – Indication of 5 images per second, Fine mode – Indication of ultrasonic wave.

Corona Discharge Checker MK-720 series

Corona discharge checker MK-720 series

Immediate detection of insulation deterioration under hot line condition!

1. Detects insulation deterioration on insulators, disconnectors and circuit breakers.
2. Precise measurement in ±8° spot
3. Identifies point of corona discharge with a laser pointer
4. Easily transferable recorded data to PC via USB cable
5. Generates audible sound from corona discharge and transmit through an earphone


Multi-Checker MK-730

Multi-Checker MK-730

Detection of air leakage from pipe, abnormalities of rotating machine, discharge from electric receiving/distribution equipment
MK-730 has all Three functions!

1. ±8° spot confirmed at ultrasound measurement
2. Identifies point of sound source with a laser pointer
3. Recorded measurement data
Easily transferable recorded data to PC via USB cable
4. Checking generated audible sound through an earphone