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OD-10 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Measurement of dissolved oxygen for aeration flow rate control at sewage treatment plants and monitoring of water quality at rivers,lakes,and etc.

Light emission lifetime evaluation system to ensure long-term stable measurement without being affected by temporal change of the light source.
No incident flow is required because the OD-10 optical system does not consume oxygen during measurement.
Easy maintenance with no use of electrolyte solution.
No re-configuration of the detector is needed when replacing the sensing cartridge, because the characteristic parameters of sensing membrane are stored on a memory chip in each sensing cartridge.
Easy operation with large icon switches on the CV-200 converter.


Measuring range Dissolved oxygen concentration:0.00 to 20.00mg/L
O2 Saturation:0.0 to 200.0%
Water temperature:0.0 to 50.0°C
Accuracy(1) ±2%F.S.
Repeatability ±0.5%F.S.
90% Response time at 25°C <30sec
Estimated usable life of the sensing membrane 1 year or more
Operating temperature range Detector:0 to 50°C(2), Converter:-10 to 55°C
Water pressure limits of detector 1MPa
Converter protection class IP66
Cable length 10m (standard)
Weight Detector:2.4kg(including 10m cable), Converter:3.6kg
Transmission outputs DC4 to20mA×2ch (load resistance800Ω)
·Dissolved oxygen concentration/O2 Saturation
·Water temperature
Contact outputs 4 (no-voltage contact output)
·Cleaning control:1
·User-configured:2 selected from the followings:
Lower-/Upper-Alarm and Cartridge replacemente Alarm
Control output 1 (AC power output)
Contact input 1 (no-voltage contact input)
·Remote Cleaning/Hold control.
Power source 90 to 264 VAC,50/60Hz

Note(1):Repeatable accuracy after 24 hours at air-saturated water.
Note(2):There shall be no freezing.


Measuring Principle

Measuring Principle

- The sensing membrane emits light by returning to the ground state after the sensing material is excited by the excitation light. The light-emission depends on the oxygen concentration around the sensing membrane.
- The long-term stable measurement can be conducted by use of the reference light which gives standard light-emission.

Light emission lifetime

The lower the oxygen concentration around the sensing membrane, the longer the light emission lifetime, and vice versa. Thus the OD-10 evaluates the light emission lifetime which is correlated to the oxygen concentration.

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