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SD-40 Sludge Density Meter

Type SD-40 detects the density of sludge discharged from sedimentation tank and concentrators, in sewage treatment plants and water works. It achieves the accurate observation of sludge density, and helps to control the discharge of sludge.

Automatic correction according to sludge color
Because the SD-40 automatically corrects for any change in sludge color, it can be used to observe black digested sludge.
Excellent sludge removal feature
The end of the detector is shaped to prevent sludge from adhering to it. In addition, SD-40 is equipped with an automatic cleaning mechanism as standard. Thus, the meter is capable of performing stable measurement over a long period.
Easy Maintenance
The detector can be checked without stopping the flow of sludge. Bypass piping is not required.


Type Detector:SD-40
Measuring method Dual scattered-light (With automatic color correction function)
Measuring range 0 to 8.0% of T.S.(Standard)
Measuring accuracy (Repeatability) ±2%F.S. (Bright sludge)
±5%F.S. (Black sludge)
Power source 90 to 110V AC, 50/60Hz, 15A
Ambient temperature Detector : -5 to 50°C
Converter : -5 to 50°C
Minimum velocity requirement 0.03m/s(bright sludge),0.3m/s(black sludge)
Output Sludge density 4 to 20mA DC
Warning Upper/lower limit contact output (2)
Fault contact output (1)
Control Electromagnetic valve control

Newly Designed Detector

Newly designed detector

Flow prevents sludge from adhering the upstream face of detector. Therefore, placing the detection section on the upstream face reduces the sludge accumulation by the self cleaning effect, together with the automatic cleaner.


Principles of Measurement

The detector section irradiates two types of near infrared rays (A and B) from the end of the emitting optical fibers, receives the scattered light reflected from the sludge in the receiving optical fiber and converts it to an electrical signal.

The scattered light intensity of the received light is determined by the density and color of the sludge for each wavelength of the light. SD-30 reduces the influence of the sludge color through automatic correction using the difference of the correlation characteristic.


Installation Location

Installation Location


Equipment Configuration

Connecting Diagram

connecting diagram

Example of Detector Connection Pipe

Example of detector connection pipe

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