Piezoelectric Vibration Pickup

PU-8ANSF Piezoelectric Vibration Pickup

PU-671D Piezoelectric Vibration Pick-up

Side outlet
Easy to remove due to cap nut type
Use up to 150 ℃ enabled

Photo : PU-8ANSF with cap nut base


Type High temperature use Spanner screw Cap nut base
Features High temperature Case material SUS303
Voltage sensitivity
5.1mV(m/s2) (50mV/G) Frequency range
( ±3dB)(*2)
5Hz to 9,000Hz
(Cap nut base M6×L6)
Max. measuring acceleration 343m/s2(35G) Max. allowable acceleration 9,800m/s2(1,000G)
Resonance frequency Over 16,000Hz
(cap nut base M6×L6)
Working temperature range -10℃ to 150℃
Cable φ3 Coaxial cable
Cable outlet Side type
Cable length 5m, 10m, 20m Cable protection (optional) Flexible tube made of stainless steel
Amplifier External amplifier necessary Power voltage -
Protection class IPX7 Power current -
Weight Approx. 122g
(Including cap nut base)
Output bias voltage -
    Isolation Case isolation

*1 PU-8ANSF will have voltage sensitivity shown in the table with charge amplifier made by
JFE Advantech.

*2 Frequency range shown in the table will be given with charge amplifier made by JFE Advantech.

Machine diagnosis instrument, Vibrometer and Isolation deterioration checker

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