Piezoelectric Vibration Pickup

PU-7SLT6 Piezoelectric Vibration Pickup

PU-671D Piezoelectric Vibration Pick-up

Upper outlet type
Use in water up to 50 meters
depth enabled


Type Submergible Spanner screw M6×L6
Features Suitable for use under water,
built-in amplifier
Case material SUS316
Voltage sensitivity 5.1mV(m/s2) (50mV/G) Frequency range
( ±3dB)
5Hz to 14,000Hz
Max. measuring acceleration 490m/s2(50G) Max. allowable acceleration 9,800m/s2(1,000G)
Resonance frequency Over 15,000Hz Working temperature range -10℃ to 80℃
Cable φ3 Coaxial cable
Cable outlet Upper type
Cable length 20m, 30m, 60m Cable protection (optional) Flexible tube made of stainless steel
Amplifier Built-in Power voltage 12V to 25V
Protection class IPX8(Water resistance 50m depth) Power current 0.4mA to 5.1mA
Weight Approx. 50g Output bias voltage 4.65V to 7.15V
    Isolation Case isolation
Machine diagnosis instrument, Vibrometer and Isolation deterioration checker

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