Frequently Asked Questions Q&A

Relating to Sales & Repair

We would like to purchase your products, therefore, please advise us about your dealers and purchasing method.
You can contact your nearest sales department of our Ocean and River Instruments Division. * Click here .
Isn't Rental available?
We don't offer Rental as available. Please ask Rental companies. For more details, you can contact our sales departments of Ocean & River Instruments Division. * Click here .
We would like to have our sensors (including sensors made by ALEC ELECTRONICS) repaired and calibrated. Where can we contact?
You can contact your nearest sales department of our Ocean and River Instruments Division. * Click here .

Relating to Products


How can we calculate DO physical values in % from the engineering values (RINKO 2) or voltage values (RINKO 3)?
First, please check whether your RINKO uses the film A or B, which should be shown on the Dissolved Oxygen Calibration Certificate. If the Film No. is ‘xxxxxxA' (here, each x means a digit), please use the correction method A . If the Film No. is ‘xxxxxxB', please use the correction method B .


Is a commercially available Mini SD card able to be used?
The Mini SD card used in INFINITY Series adopts an exclusive high-quality card, therefore using the general commercially available card is not guaranteed to work.
Can we directly delete the file in the Mini SD card of INFINITY Series on the PC?
It is possible to directly read the data from Mini SD card, however, it is prohibited to delete the file directly. For file deletion, be sure to attach the card to the instruments and clear on the communication software. If you are intent on deleting on the PC, please format the whole card. (You can format with FAT32.)
Is the current direction of INFINITY-EM a flow-off direction? Is it the magnetic north standard?
The current direction denotes the clockwise flow-off direction with the magnetic north as zero deg. (0 ° ). As the true north standard is not corrected, you are kindly requested to correct by yourselves.


How fast is the suitable descending speed?
Please allow to descend within 50cm/sec. without fail. There are two reasons as follows:

(1) It is a matter of response speed of each sensor.
If the descending speed is fast, each sensor response does not keep pace with the change of water depth, therefore any high-accuracy measurement cannot be made.
(2) If the measurement is made with the setting of 0.1m pitch in depth trigger mode, there is a case, when descended at high speed, that the writing speed to internal memory is not synchronous with the descending speed. As a result, some deviation may be caused in the measured results of vertical profile.

Although we measure in the depth trigger mode, a shallower depth than actual is outputted.
Isn't descending started when the pilot lamp on the upper of sensor sonde flickers? In the depth trigger mode, 20 sec. after turning ON (power ON), the depth value at the time is automatically offset and from that point, the measurement is started first.
Until the measurement is started, the pilot lamp of sensor sonde flickers. If the sensor sonde is descended even during lamp flickering, the depth offset is applied during descending, therefore the zero (0) m standard differs and also a phenomenon that the data of descent fraction m until then has not been measured may occur. Then, be sure to dip in the surface water during lamp flickering, and start descending after making sure of the lamp ON.
We measure in the time trigger mode, however, there is a discrepancy in the measured data between ascending and descending.
Please treat the data at the time of descending as correct. Each measuring sensor is provided at the lower of the sensor sonde, and designed to measure without disturbing the seawater at descending. At ascending, the logger disturbs the seawater, and also there is a case that the lower seawater is raised to measure as it is. Then, in order to measure at the time of ascending also, it is required to stop the instrument at each measuring depth and measure in a stable state.
The DO value is outputted low.
Isn't any oil attached to the DO sensor surface?

There is a possibility that the membrane is not contacted with seawater due to oil.It is recommended to clean the sensor surface with diluted neutral detergent once.In addition, it is strictly prohibited to use any solvent such as thinner, etc. in cleaning.

The DO membrane is peeled off.
If it is currently in such a condition, you cannot measure correctly. Please replace the membrane. If the membrane is felt to be dirty, wipe off with a soft cloth. It is strictly prohibited to clean with a hard brush, etc. Full care should be taken not to damage the membrane.
Is it necessary to put a cap on the DO sensor?
The fluorescent substance is applied to the DO sensor membrane, therefore you are kindly requested to place a cap so as to reduce degradation caused by ultraviolet light. When not in use, place the cap without fail.
How often can we replace the DO membrane?
It is recommended to replace once a year, though depending on the frequency of use and situation of deterioration.
For DO calibration, the zero and span calibrations are required, but which one is to be preceded?
For DO calibration in question, two types of liquid, anhydrous and 100% saturated water by bubbling, are necessary. The anhydrous is made by chemicals (sodium sulfite). After zero calibration, the span calibration is made, and then if the sensor with chemicals attached is dipped in the 100% saturated water, the oxygen is consumed, thus not ensuring correct span calibration.

Relating to Software

The observed physical values seem impossibly strange.
The JAC software recognize '.' (dot) as a decimal separator. If you use ',' (comma) as a decimal separator on your PC, the calculation cannot be performed appropriately in the software.
To change the decimal separator, please follow this procedure .
Is the software in current use compatible with Windows7?
Almost all softwares that we have currently shipped, with some exceptions, are compatible with Windows7. (Software for particle counter is not compatible.) With regard to the software in your current use, there is a possibility that it is an incompatible version depending on the purchase season. It is recommended to change over to the latest version by reviewing the latest information on software versions. * For sales-end softwares, they are partly not compatible. Please understand this.
Can't we download the latest version software from Website? Can we download free of charge?
Unfortunately our service of downloading from Website is not available at present. For software version-up, there is a case of partially causing expenses. Therefore, please contact our sales staff in charge.
The INFINITY-Series communication software, though installed in the PC, does not recognize the instrument correctly.
After installing the software, you need to register in the driver for the first time. Then, please implement the driver registration by referring to the driver registration procedure. However, if correct recognition is still not done, despite the implementation of driver registration, you can contact us for help.
Although we have installed the Compact-Series software in the PC, an error message is outputted when the communication software is started up.
After installing the software, you need to register in the registry for the first time. Please refer to the registry registration procedure. The procedure differs depending on each OS, therefore pay your attention to this. In addition, if the OS is Windows7, make sure if the current version is compatible (or not).

Relating to Equipment

We have a plan of long-term observation with memory measuring instrument, but actually how long can we observe?
There is a limit in the observing period because of battery capacity and memory capacity. In INFINITY Series, the max. observing time is cleared up by inputting the observing time and number of samples on the communication processing software. For other instruments, its calculation method is described in the manual, however, we will answer to your inquiry at any time.
We would like to know about the INFINITY-Series observation mode.
For observation mode of the memory instruments (INFINITY Series), two modes are provided, continuous mode and burst mode.
The observable time is changed by the setting in two modes as follows:

Setting of observation interval in continuous mode
Setting of burst time, observation interval and number of samples
You can see as shown below.

We would like to know about the standard setting of observation interval and number of samples of INFINITY-EM.
In the data processing software, the data for the set number of samples is averaged and the results are current velocity value and current direction value every burst time. If the observation interval and number of samples are taken a lot, the average accuracy is increased accordingly, however, as the battery capacity is limited, the observation time is reduced. If the periodic current observation is intended, the following setting is recommended:
In case of 15-day/-night observation:

10-minute burst, observation interval 1 sec. & 60-pc samples ----------Possible to observe for 20 days
In case of 30-day/-night observation:
10-minute burst, observation interval 1 sec. & 30-pc samples ----------Possible to observe for 40 days

Others (General)

Before purchasing, we would like to use the instruments for practical purposes.
Our Division possesses the demonstration instruments. Then, you can actually try before purchasing. However, as there is a lending schedule, please contact us, if you need.
If we ask for inspection/calibration of our instruments, can you provide any alternative during that time?
We are very sorry, but we can't. Please ask for inspection and calibration while yours is in no use for observation.
Can we receive the batteries, consumables, etc. immediately, if we place an order?
Basically they are to be sent out the following business day of the date of order. Then, if you are in a hurry, make sure to inform us of your purpose when placing an order.
In addition, regarding the lithium battery, we are not able to send out by air partially. Please check the Precautions on Sending of Batteries and place an order earlier.