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Handheld 2-D EM current meter with temperature and depth sensor AEM213-D

AEM213-D electro-magnetic current meter with a display unit can provide the 2-D current speeds in real time. The instrument has a depth and a temperature sensor as well as the current sensor, enabling reliable current measurements at the desired depths. The compact and light-weight unit is easily portable, allowing you to use the instrument in a variety of situations.

AEM213-D has a display unit with a flash memory. The observed data are shown in the display and then saved in the memory simultaneously. The data can be easily downloaded from the unit to a personal computer using a communication cable. The battery is a size C alkaline battery, allowing surveys for up to 10 hours.

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Display Area Specifications

Display parameters Direction, velocity, temperature, depth
Memory medium 2MB flash memory, approx. 180,000 data sets
Power Size C dry alkaline battery (Qty 4)
(for approx. 10 hours of use), AC100V, DC12V
Material ABS resin
Waterproof characteristic JIS4 class equivalent
Dimensions W225mm×D100mm×H90mm
Weight Approx. 1.1kg (including batteries)
Other Printer (option)

Sensor Probe Specifications

Cable length Cable reinforced with Kepler fiber
(Φ6.1mm, standard length: 50m)
Dimensions Φ42mm×307mm
Material Titanium (grade 2)
Weight Approx. 1.0kg in air (excluding vane),
0.65kg in water (excluding vane)
Depth rating 200m depth equivalent

Built-in Sensor Specifications

Parameter Method Measurement range Resolution Accuracy
Velocity Electromagnetic induction 0 to ±250cm s-1 0.1cm s-1 ± 1cm s-1 or ±2%
(0 to
±50cm s-1)
Direction Hole element compass 0 to 360º 0.1º ± 2º
Depth Semiconductor pressure sensor 0 to 50m 0.01m ± 0.3%FS
Temperature Thermistor -3 to 40ºC 0.01ºC ± 0.02ºC
(3 to 31ºC)

*All the specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for more information.

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