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Handheld 1-D electro-magnetic current meter for rivers AEM1-DA

AEM1-DA is a 1-D electro-magnetic (EM) current meter for the flow measurements in rivers, streams and various waterways. The measurement range is 0 to 5m s-1. The EM sensor can accurately measure water speeds at a shallow depth of 3cm. The display unit has a 2MB flash memory so that the data are saved with calendar information (up to 255 station data). In comparison with conventional propeller-type current meter, AEM1-DA is robust and extremely easy to be operated and maintained.

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Sensor Specifications

Principle Electromagnetic induction
Measuring direction 1-D
Measuring range 0 to 5m s-1
Resolution 0.002m s-1
Accuracy ± 0.005m s-1 or ± 2%(0 to 0.5m s-1)
Minimum measured depth 3cm
Dimensions Φ30mm×77mm
Cable length 10m (Maximum 50m extension possible)
Depth rating 30m depth equivalent

Display Area Specifications

Display LCD, 20 characters, 2 lines
Displayed information Velocity (m s-1), time, Block No.
Average time Selectable from 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 60 s
Data capacity 2MB, recordable up to 255 blocks
Logged information Block number, measured time,
velocity, average time
External output RS-232C output
1.Memory data transfer
2.Real-time data transfer
Power Size C dry alkaline battery (Qty 4)
(For approx. 20 hours of use)
Dimensions W225mm×D100mm×H90mm
Weight Approx. 1.1kg
Material ABS resin
Waterproof level JIS4 class equivalent

*All the specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for more information.

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