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Water quality profiler with optical fast DO sensor AAQ-RINKO

The water quality profiler, AAQ 1183 has been redesigned as AAQ-RINKO with an optical fast response (63% response in water, 0.4 s) DO sensor, RINKO. Conventional water quality profilers with a slow response DO sensor require holding the instrument for a certain period at the measurement depths. AAQ-RINKO makes vertical measurements possible with a profiling speed of 0.5 m/s, similar to CTD observation, thereby significantly reducing the observation time. In addition to conductivity, temperature, depth, chlorophyll, turbidity, DO and pH, AAQ-RINKO also enables simultaneous installation of PAR (Photosynthetic Available Radiation) and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) sensors. The processing unit is available in three types in accordance with the observation applications.

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Parameter Type Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy Response
Depth Semiconductor pressure sensor 0 to 100m 0.002m ±0.3%FS 0.2 s
Temperature Thermistor -3 to 45℃ 0.001℃ ±0.01℃ (0 to 35℃) 0.2 s
Conductivity Electrode 0.5 to 70mS cm-1 0.001mS cm-1 1)0.01mS cm-1
(28 to
65mS cm-1)
0.2 s
Fresh-water EC Electrode 0 to 2000µS cm-1 0.1µS cm-1 2)±2µS cm-1
(0 to
200µS cm-1)
±10µS cm-1
(200 to
2000µS cm-1)
0.2 s
Salinity PSS-78 2 to 42 0.001 - 0.2 s
Turbidity Backscattering 0 to 1,000FTU
(Formazin reference)
0.03FTU ±0.3FTU or
0.2 s
Chlorophyll Fluorimeter 0 to 400ppb
(Uranin reference)
0.01ppb ±1%FS 0.2 s
DO Phosphorescence 0 to 20mg L-1
(0 to 200%)
0.001 to
0.004mg L-1
(0.01 to 0.04%)
±0.4mg L-1
0.4 s(in air,
1atm, 25℃,
63% of response)
Light Quantum Photodiode 0 to
5,000 µmolm-2s-1
0.1µmolm-2s-1 ±4% 0.2 s
pH Glass electrode 2 to 14pH 0.01pH ±0.2pH 10 s
ORP Electrode 0 to ±1,000mV 0.1mV - 10 s

1) Sea water version 2) Fresh water version

Model and Observation Items

  Depth Temperature Conductivity Fresh-Water EC Salinity Chlorophyll Turbidity DO pH Quantum ORP


  Printer Unit (PC-11) Hand-Held Unit (H-11) Splash-Proof Interface (AAQ-IF)
Screen Color 7-inch TFT liquid crystal 4×20-line LCD 3 LEDs
Operation method Screen touch panel External pushbuttons Touch buttons None
Displayed information GPS information, measurement data, vertical graph Measurement data Voltage level
Memory medium 512MB CF Card 512MB CF Card None
Measurement method Memory method 1.Automatic vertical measurement by selected depth pitch (selectable values: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1m).
2.Records measurement data at any depth on-the-spot
Continuous measurement at each selected interval (0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 s) Measurement at selected interval based on PC side application software
Print function 1.Automatic onsite printing of measured data after automatic vertical measurement
2.Onsite printing of measured data at the time of spot measurement
None None
Calendar information Built-in (automatic correction by GPS) Built-in None
Power 100V AC and 12V DC 8 AA alkaline batteries, 100V AC, 12V DC 8 AA alkaline batteries, 12V DC
Dimensions 470mm
Weight Approx. 7.9kg Approx. 1.0kg without batteries Approx. 0.5kg without batteries
Other functions Built-in GPS as standard, data extractable using USB memory Interface -



Printer Unit

Printer Unit
This model was designed with the objective of use in full-scale ocean surveys. All operations are performed using the touch panel and external pushbuttons. The colored liquid crystal makes the screen easy to view at night time as well. This model is a multi-functional model, featuring functions such as vertical graph drawing, data printing, and recording. A GPS is provided as standard, making it possible to simultaneously record position information as well.

Hand-Held Unit

Hand-Held Unit
This hand-held unit superior in portability allows you to display data as well as record data in the memory of the main unit. The model has a built-in battery, and allows you to record your observations by performing simple button operations.
The unit is also provided with interface module functions as well.


InterfaceThis interface module connects to your PC, allowing you to perform monitoring and collect data in real-time. Two types of units are available: a splash-proof type and a basic type.
The secondary processing program (option) allows you to simply edit data (delete erroneous values, calculate averages, and extract data), perform SS analysis, and convert data to chlorophyll analytical values.

*All the specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for more information.

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