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Logger version super wide range turbidity sensor with wiper INFINITY-Turbi ATU75W2-USB

Infinity-Turbi is an autonomously deployable data logger for long-term turbidity measurements. With dual sensors for low (0 to 1,000 FTU) and high (0 to 100,000 ppm) ranges, the instrument can provide Highly accurate turbidity measurements in normal to muddy water. Infinity-Turbi has a mechanical wiper to keep the optical window clean, making long-term observations possible. The instrument has temperature and depth sensors as standard as well, and matches various measuring situations and applications.

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Sensor Specifications

Parameter Medium density turbidity High density turbidity Depth Temperature
Principle Infrared backscattering (LED) Backscattering
(optical fiber)
Semiconductor sensor Thermistor
Range 0 to 1,000FTU
(Formazin calibration)
0 to 100,000ppm
(Kaolin calibration)
0 to 25m* -3 to 45℃
Resolution 0.03FTU 2ppm 0.0005m 0.001℃
Accuracy ±0.3FTU or ±2% ±10ppm or ±5% ±0.14%FS ±0.02℃
(3 to 31℃)

*Pressure range: Variable to 40m, 100m, and 200m.

Logger Specifications

Memory medium miniSD card *waterproof & high speed type
Data capacity 1GB provided as standard (miniSD card)
AD converter 16 bit digital conversion
Measuring mode Continuous mode, Burst mode
Measuring interval 0.1 to 600 s
Burst sampling interval 1 to 1,440 min
No. of samples 1 to 18,000
Battery CR-V3 lithium / 3.3Ah (four maximum)
Communication USB 2.0 ( ver. 1.1 compatible)
Current consumption 165mA
Housing material Titanium (grade 2)
Dimensions Φ70mm×280mm
Weight Approx. 1.4kg in air, 0.7kg in water
Depth rating 200m depth equivalent



*All the specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for more information.

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