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Logger version 2-D electro-magnetic current meter INFINITY-EM AEM-USB

Infinity EM is an autonomously deployable EM (electro-magnetic) current meter with a data logger. Due to the principle, the instrument provides high accurate 2-D current measurements in even low scatter fields, where ADVs (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) has difficulties. The measurement range is wide from 0 to ± 500 cm s-1. The instrument design is compact (1.0kg in air). Infinity EM allows for current velocity measurements virtually anywhere.

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Sensor Specifications

Parameter Velocity Direction Temperature
Principle 2-D electromagnetic velocity sensor Hole element Thermistor
Range 0 to ±500cm s-1 0 to 360° -3 to 45℃
Resolution 0.02cm s-1 0.01° 0.001℃
Accuracy ±1cm s-1 or ±2% (0 to ±60cm s-1) ±2° ±0.02℃ (3 to 31℃)

Logger Specifications

Memory medium miniSD card *waterproof & high speed type
Data capacity 1GB provided as standard
AD converter 16 bit digital conversion
Measuring mode Continuous mode, Burst mode
Measuring interval 0.1 to 600 s
Burst sampling interval 1 to 1,440 min
No. of samples 1 to 18,000
Battery CR-V3 lithium / 3.3Ah (two maximum)
Communication USB 2.0 ( Ver. 1.1 compatible)
Current consumption 90mA
Housing material Titanium (grade 2)
Dimensions Φ42mm (Flange area:Φ54mm) × 455mm
Weight Approx. 1.0kg in air, 0.6kg in water
Depth rating 1,000m depth equivalent
Tensile strength Approx. 2kN (200kg equivalent)

*Use the sensor upward. When it is deployed.



*All the specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for more information.

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